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Urinetown Auditions

January 14, 17, 21

Harter Hall

Urinetown Auditions

Dates:  January 14, 17, and 21

Times:  Sundays at 7pm, Wednesday at 8pm

Production Dates:  April 28 & 29, May 5, 6, & 12

Directed and choreographed by Marshelle Giggles-Mills

Musical direction by Larry Collica

Auditions are held on a first-come, first-served basis, with check-in starting half an hour before we begin.  Please bring your head shot and resume.


You will need to prepare 32 bars of music appropriate for musical theater. Please bring sheet music if you would like accompaniment.  There will be sides available for reading.


The call-backs will be held on January 28 and attendance will be required for anyone wishing to be cast. 



Bobby Strong (Male, Lead, Tenor)

Caldwell B. Cladwell (Male, Lead, Baritone)

Hope Cladwell (Female, Lead, Soprano)

Officer Lockstock (Male, Supporting, Baritone)

Little Sally (Female, Supporting, Mezzo)

Penelope Pennywise (Female, Supporting, Mezzo)

Joseph "Old Man" Strong (Male, Featured, Spoken)

Josephine "Old Ma" Strong (Female, Featured, Mezzo)

Officer Barrel (Male, Featured, Baritone)

Senator Fipp (Male, Featured, Tenor)

Mr. McQueen (Male, Featured, Baritone)

Mrs. Millenium (Female, Featured, Soprano)

Hot Blades Harry (Male, Featured, Baritone)

Little Becky Two Shoes (Female, Featured, Soprano)

Soupy Sue (Female, Featured, Mezzo)

Tiny Tom (Male, Featured, Baritone)


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