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October 7 & 8,

14 & 15

7:00 PM

Harter Hall

Woodland Hills, CA

A Piece of My Heart, by Shirley Lauro

The true stories of six courageous women sent to Vietnam and their struggle to make sense of a war that irrevocably changed them and a nation that shunned them.

"A Piece of My Heart" is a powerful drama about six women who served in Vietnam. The play portrays each young woman before, during and after her tour in the war-torn jungle and ends as each visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington.


It is a work with the music and soul of a tumultuous era in our history.  Winner of The Barbara Deming Prize for Women Playwrights and the Kittredge Foundation Award, it has been named "The most enduring play on Vietnam in the nation" by The Vietnam Vets Association. 


Harter Hall
21338 Dumetz Ave
Woodland Hills CA  91364


October 7, 8, 14, 15
7:00 PM


Directed by Marshelle Giggles-Mills

Production Design by Jessica Worland

Produced by Suzanne Ryan


Starring (in alphabetical order):

Brad Sharper

Caitlyn Rose Massey

Chris Clonts
Jamie Dorsch
Janet Lee
Kaitlyn Mackayla Hill
Kaleen Ugai
Nancy Woods
Paulina Logan
Sarai Jimenez
Silky Bell
Markietha Singleton
Tuesday Grant

Show graphic derived from "Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Washington Monument" by Derek Key (2010)


A Piece of my Heart is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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