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Welcome to
Fun Home

Adapted from Alison Bechdel's groundbreaking graphic novel, Fun Home is a refreshingly honest, wholly original musical about seeing your parents through grown-up eyes.

Music by

Jeanine Tesori

Book and Lyrics by

Lisa Kron

Based on the Graphic Novel by

Alison Bechdel

Directed by

Marshelle Giggles-Mills

Musical Direction by

Larry Collica

Stage Managed by

Brittany Joy Sundman


Additional Choreography by

Caitlyn Rose Massey


Sound Design by

Dan Newman


Stage Crew

Caitlyn Ryan-Raine

Produced by

Suzanne Ryan

This performance contains strong language, loud noises, and adult themes (grief, suicide, emotional abuse, homophobia, and pedophilia).   This performance may be unsuitable for children. 

About Fun Home

Originally Produced on Broadway by Fox Theatricals, Barbara Whitman, Carole Shorenstein Hays, Tom Casserly, Paula Marie, Black Latitude Link, Terry Schnuck/Jane Lane, The Forstalls, Nathan Vernon, Mint Theatricals, Elizabeth Armstrong, Jam Theatricals, Delman Whitney, and Kristin Caskey and Mike Isaacson.
The world premiere production of FUN HOME was produced by The Public Theater.
Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director - Patrick Willingham, Executive Director
In New York City on October 22nd, 2013
FUN HOME was developed, in part, at the 2012 Sundance Institute Theatre Lab at White Oak and the 2012 Sundance Institute Theatre Lab at the Sundance Resort.

Fun Home

Cast of Characters

Alison  ~  Amazing Oakes

Medium Alison  ~  Gisele Lajevardi

Small Alison ~ Evie Wilkins

(May 6, 14)

Small Alison ~ Dylan Beam

(May 7, 13, 20)

Bruce Bechdel ~ Dan Newman

Helen Bechdel ~ Melanie Xanthos Goldstein

Christian Bechdel ~ Owen LaBianca

John Bechdel ~ Kent "KJ" Sundman

Roy/Mark/Pete/Bobby Jeremy ~ Chad Sundman

Joan ~  Keeley Bell

Musical Numbers

"It All Comes Back (Opening)" ~  Ensemble

"Welcome To Our House On Maple Avenue"~ Ensemble

"Come To The Fun Home" ~ Small Alison, John, Christian

"Helen's Etude" ~  Helen

"Party Dress" ~  Small Alison, Bruce

"Changing My Major" ~  Medium Alison

"Maps" ~  Alison

"Raincoat of Love" ~  Bobby Jeremy and the Susan Deys, Ensemble

"Pony Girl" ~ Bruce

"Ring of Keys" ~ Small Alison

"Days and Days" ~  Helen

"Telephone Wire" ~  Alison

"Edges of the World" ~ Bruce

"Flying Away (Finale)" ~  Alison, Medium Alison, Small Alison 

Fun Home is performed without an intermission.

Introducing the Cast

Production and Creative Team

MGM Headshot.jpg

Marshelle Giggles-Mills (Director, Enneagram 2/4) is thankful for another opportunity to create on the Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse stage. She is a founding member and the Artistic Director of the CSHP. Recent projects in the director's seat include Beyond Therapy, 12 Angry Jurors, Working, A Piece of My Heart and The Theory of Relativity. Marshelle is best known for her love of hugs, ladybugs, fuzzy socks, her allergies and her fear of squirrels and craigslist (shoutout to her 6th favorite Collica). Love and gratitude to Doug and her kiddos- Ruby, Bubba, and AJ- for their unyielding support. For more random thoughts and carefully organized chaos, you can stop by her Instagram @meshagiggles. 


Brittany Sundman (Stage Manager) has been stage managing shows at the CSHP since 2017 and loving every second of it. Brittany also directed the first staged reading of Tabletop the Musical at the CSHP before it premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. She has been involved in theatre both onstage and backstage since she was 12. When she’s not herding cats at the theater, Brittany is usually herding her actual cats and dog at home.


Caitlyn Ryan-Raine (Stage Crew) was born and raised in Los Angeles. After completing her undergraduate education in Theater Arts and Dance at Cal State LA, she began her professional journey as a circus artist before moving into stage management. In 2021, Caitlyn founded Oasis Arts - a company of specialty performers and event entertainers. Nowadays, you can find her performing vintage dance with the Atomic Cherry Bombs and swing dancing all over LA.


Larry Collica (Musical Director) is excited to celebrate his 10th year as musical director at CSHP!  Born and raised in New York, Larry has numerous NYC community theater credits including  Little Shop of Horrors, Annie, Guys and Dolls, and Fiddler on The Roof.  Larry has brought many aspects of his hometown with him such as wearing his Yankees cap, not signaling when changing lanes, and not wearing a jacket when it’s 60 degrees. Love to his wife for supporting his theater endeavors and holding down the fort when he’s at rehearsal.  Finally, love to his girls, Joanna & Alex, for not giving their mother too much trouble while he’s been at rehearsal!  Hugs & Nilla Wafers (actually no. I want all the Nilla Wafers) to all those in attendance. 

Caitlyn headshot.jpg

Caitlyn Massey (Additional Choreography) has been part of the CSHP family for almost 8 years. Stage credits include: Marcy in 25th Annual…, Caroline in Theory of Relativity, and Ensemble/Dance Captain in Once on this Island. She currently works as a Dialogue Coordinator for the Fox animated series HouseBroken. Caitlyn’s greatest joy and #1 fan is her cat Penelope. All my love to Marshelle, my friend, my sister.


Suzanne Ryan (Producer) is a founding member of the CSHPlayhouse. Geek by day, thespian by night, she loves working with the cast and crew of Fun Home.  We have laughed and cried throughout this rehearsal process and I am grateful for the efforts of every person involved.  I hope that you enjoy tonight's performance - I'll be crying in the back, but I'll be quiet, I promise. 

Thank you!

The Beam, Bianca, Sundman, and Wilkins families 


Dan Newman


Larry Moad and Jonathan Carlisle


Tina Ballabio


Doug Mills, Logistics Director 


Joan Hahn for friendship and fabric trimming


Emily Ryan for the loan of the artwork in the Bechdel home. For more information about these pieces you can visit her Ebay store at Antiquarius Collectibles


H. W. ‘Pat’ Ryan, Technical Director (Emeritus) for your endless moral support and ready availability of tools and gloves.


Thank you always to the Leadership team of the Woodland Hills Community Church, Pastor Scott Furukawa, and Erika Hawkins.  


Much appreciation to the Mills, Collica, and Ryan families (and all our cast member families!) for their support.


Thanks always to the CSHP Board of Directors (Suzanne Ryan, Larry Collica, Marshelle Giggles-Mills, and LeVanna Atkinson-Williams). 

The Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse  (CSHP)


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