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Hard Candy Christmas 2015

4th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival- Winners!


The Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse of Woodland Hills is pleased to announce our selections for the fourth installment  of "Hard Candy Christmas"- a 10 minute play festival celebrating the ups and downs of the holiday season.


Our 5 member panel had a blast reading all of your pieces. Here are the 9 plays selected for this year's show:


A New Year by Allie Costa


Gift of the Matt-Guy by Ken Preuss


If Only In My Dreams by Linda Britt


Keeping Traditions by Sarah Diamond Burroway


Marshmallow World by Forrest Hartl


Merry Maids by Connie Schindewolf


Out Of Clay by Leah Halper


Regifting by Steven Korba


You Can Be Too Nice by Roger K. Weiss



Winners: We will be in touch soon. 


Thank you to everyone who participated. It really was a pleasure reading your work.


Happy Holidays, 


Marshelle Giggles-Mills

Artistic Director

Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse


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